The Philcon Masquerade 2011 will be held on Saturday Evening in the Crowne Plaza Cherry Hill, Grand Ballroom A starting at 8 PM.

Masquerade Co-Directors this year are Rob Himmelsbach and Sandy Swank of the local ICG chapter, the Lunatyk Phrynge (Greater Delaware Valley Costumers’ Guild).  The ballroom will be set aside for Tech Rehearsal for those who wish one (and we do recommend it) from 12 Noon to 2 PM on Saturday, and Green Room Call time (in Crystal Ballroom III) will be 6:30 PM.

There will be minimal tech available – spotlight and sound projection – as in past years, and due to minimal tech there is no blackout, so all setup and teardown is in room light. Tech Director Syd Weinstein has a vast library of music choices available for those who cannot provide their own.  Please remember that there is no open mic – music, dialogue, voice over, etc. must be recorded on CD or thumb drive or clearly written for the MC to read during your stage time, and turned in with masquerade registration paperwork.

Philcon encourages the wearing and display of hall costumes (street legal and conforming to weapons policy, please!) and will have several roaming judges handing out award ribbons in the public areas of the conference, or stop by Masquerade Registration in the ballroom foyer and show us your inventiveness!

We encourage all hall costume winners and anyone in costume to show off their creations on stage Saturday night.  Costumers are invited to walk the stage as a “Not in Competition” entry if they wish to display their work without competing. You can also just show your handiwork to the Workmanship Judge in the Green Room if you don’t want to get on stage.  Every type of costuming is encouraged, Furry, Cosplay, Steampunk, historical, vintage, found item or what you will, and we hope you will take your turn in the spotlight, as the crowd goes wild!

Philcon will also feature costuming and stagecraft programming covering topics of interest for all levels and styles of costumers.

Masquerade registration will be open on Friday from 4 to 9 PM, and on Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM.  Costumers wanting to block Tech Rehearsal time must register on Friday or on Saturday before 12 Noon; all participants must submit their forms, sound etc. by 4 PM Saturday.

For more information, contact:

Sandy Swank or Rob Himmelsbach
246 W Upsal St., F-303
Philadelphia PA 19119

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Masquerade Rules

  • Surprise the audience – NEVER SURPRISE THE DIRECTORS OR CREW!
  • No fire or flame allowed on stage – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all designated masquerade areas.
  • The masquerade is PG-13.  Remember, “No costume is no costume”
  • No messy substances – wet, dry or oily – that could ruin another contestants costume are permitted on stage or in the green room.
  • There are no live mikes on the stage.  We encourage recorded music and dialog or text to be read by the MC.
  • Each contestant may appear on stage only once.  You may enter more than one costume, so long as it appears on a different body.
  • Entrants competing Re-Creation costumes must provide documentation for the judges.  Bring copies only; do not bring books or videotapes/DVDs.
  • Weapons: Nothing may be brought on stage that might endanger the entrants, audience, judges or crew.  Display of weapons on stage requires the Masquerades Director’s PRIOR clearance.  Entrants displaying weapons without clearance will be disqualified.
  • Special effects: Nothing may be brought on stage that might endanger the entrants, audience, judges or crew.  Special effects must be clearly outlined in advance to the masquerade staff in order to determine that they are (1) legal and (2) safe.  SAFETY IS OUR PARAMOUNT CONCERN.
  • Animals:  Live animals may be used on stage as part of a costume or presentation only with the Directors' permission.  Please keep the animal in question under control at all times and please "potty" them appropriately before going on stage.  YOUR PETS' SAFETY IS OUR PARAMOUNT CONCERN
  • No flash photography is permitted while contestants are on stage. SAFETY IS OUR PARAMOUNT CONCERN.
  • Any exceptions to these rules MUST be cleared in advance by the Masquerade Director. Only the Masquerade Director may approve exceptions.
  • When in doubt, ask the masquerade staff.

**Thanks for “The Rules” to Byron Connell**

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